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iOS 7 advantages and disadvantages?

Jun 19`13 at 10:25

  • How many advanatages and disadvantages of ios 7? Compared to ios 6, is it worth to upgrade? I know the ios 7 beta 1 has come out, and I am planing to update to it. If you have used ios 7 beta, please show me more details about ios 7 pros and cons!

    Asked Jun 19`13 at 10:25


5 Answers

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    Answered Jul 07`15 at 15:28

    iOS 7 advantages and disadvantages? answered by miniuminiu
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    Yes the main disadvantages of iOS 7 is that battery life is low.

    Answered Sep 30`15 at 05:00

    iOS 7 advantages and disadvantages? answered by ahxnamcahxnamc
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    iOS 7 Advantages and disadvantages:

    1. Battery life is brief. 2. Color saturation is too high which make the interface cheap.
    3. For safari, I do not like full screen mode, will, someone like it.
    4. AirDrop can only be used by iPhone 5, iPad 4th generation, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5th generation.And you need a iCloud account.
    5. Some features looks burdensome.
    6. iOS in the Car have not been release.
    7. Compatibility, panorama does not support iPad.Camera Filters only support iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5.
    8. I know it is only beta, ios7 is too slow.

    1. User interface
    Translucency, layering and gyroscope-driven parallaxing are some of the good major changes to the design of iOS 7.These features make the user interface more vivid and accommodate apps better.
    2. Control Center
    Control Center is available by scrolling up from the bottom of the screen and provides access to settings.
    3. Multitasking
    iOS 7 builds on the limited multitasking introduced in iOS 4 and provides full multitasking for all apps.
    4. Safari
    iCloud implementation of Keychain. And I like the change of infinite tabs, and improvements to Twitter sharing and Reading List.
    5. AirDrop
    iOS 7 integrates Apple's ad-hoc WiFi sharing feature AirDrop. 6. Camera and photos
    iOS 7 add square photo, and panoramic photo mode and supports sharing video through iCloud Photo Stream.
    7. Siri
    Siri features are redesigned to match the rest of the system in ios7.You can control system settings, and Twitter, Wikipedia, Bing with Siri in ios 7.
    8. iOS in the Car
    Uses Siri integration in selected car models to offer eyes-free and hands-free control.
    9. The App Store
    More search options, and adds automatic app updating, app developer will love it.
    10. Add iTunes Radio to musice app.
    11. Tencent Weibo integration.
    12. Wi-Fi Hotspot 2.0
    13. You can use Find My iPhone to activation locking.

    Answered Jun 19`13 at 16:16

    iOS 7 advantages and disadvantages? answered by kxwkykYUKI

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