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Best facilities in state of decay, what?

Jun 13`13 at 04:48

  • What facilities in state of decay do you think to be the best? I have just moved to the trucking warehouse but I have no idea of how to allotted build spaces. Would you lie to give me some advices on what is the best facilities in state of decay?
    Thanks for your input.

    Asked Jun 13`13 at 04:48


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    Not sure if it is the best facilities in state of decay, I love the training centre better than the garden.
    The garden generates very few food , even with a gardener. While it can be turned into bio diesel with the library, food and fuel are generally things you have in massive supply anyway.
    Training areas + 20 stamina is pretty awesome. Theres plenty of situations where more stamina will save your ass rather than +2 food from a garden.

    Answered Jun 13`13 at 04:53

    Best facilities in state of decay, what? answered by kxwkykYUKI

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