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Remember me stuttering, fix?

Jun 08`13 at 11:59

  • When I play Rememmber me, it will keep stuttering, why this happens? Are there anyone else experience this? How to fix? Every time I walk around or explore new areas ahead, it will stutter and my fps down from 60 to 40, sometimes high 20's for 1 to 2 seconds. I don't know the reason and very annoy about this. Can you guys give me some advice on fixing Remember me stuttering? Thanks.

    Asked Jun 08`13 at 11:59


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    Remember me stuttering? That's really a big problem, I can't figure it out either. I have SS on and I get the occasional stutter at the beginning of a new area or the start of a cutscene. Looking for someone to help. Thanks a lot.

    Answered Jun 08`13 at 12:58

    Remember me stuttering, fix? answered by xiaobuding1229Sally

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