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Can not start grid 2, how to fix?

May 31`13 at 07:47

  • Grid 2 does not start, any tips? The logo flashes after I i click play in Steam, but nothing happen after that. I am using Win7 x64 U EN-GB, q9450, 6gb ram, gts 450. Do you anyone have trouble in starting grid 2 in Steam? Help me please!

    Asked May 31`13 at 07:47


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    If you can not start grid 2, it may be a driver issue. Check that if your Audio drivers are correct via your manufacturers website. Download the new Nvidia Drivers released in Thu May 23, 2013. If that doesnt work try Verifying files then if that doesnt work Delete Local content and Redownload the game.

    Answered May 31`13 at 07:49

    Can not start grid 2, how to fix? answered by kxwkykYUKI

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