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How to beat Bio-hazard on Plague Inc?

Dec 21`12 at 16:20

  • Hey guys. I have tried every ways I can to beat Bio-hazard on Plague inc. But I still can't find a way to do Bio-hazard in Plague inc. Bio-hazard doesn't spread! More worse, I keeps getting eradicated. Are there any tips or guides to complete Bio-hazard on Plague inc? Thank you very much!

    Asked Dec 21`12 at 16:20


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    Its easy. I always start at south africa, and my first priority is the first ability to get my DNA points up till i can get the insect transmission. Then livestock. Beware of your lethality cuz it will increase itself, so u dont need to envolve symtoms yet. Heres the order u sud take and transmission: Insect 1>Livestock 1>Bird 1>Water 1(do this first cuz there r more ships than planes)>Air 1>Rodent 1(i dun normally use this cuz urban areas i have birds and when they notice the disease, they take down rats faster than birds)>Blood 1(to me i havent use it before becuz its quite useless except for the blood donation campaign) I have patience, so i dont need to upgrade my transmission up to lvl 2 except when its important(i'll tell u later on) Keep on mind that if u start at south africa, while it works it way up the world, get the cold resistance. This is my order of symtoms: SEVERITY: Insomia>Paranoia.....>Insanity(works the best) Rash>Sweating(Most rich countries are cold, so sweating is good on them. Sweating also counters the iCure device)>.....(work urself down, cuz i forgotten the name :P) Humans will start going bonkers for severity cuz severeness takes human out of action, slowing cure. Then time to move on to LETHALITY(be sure that u have infected everyone or almost everyone cuz u dun wanna all infected died and have no more chance infecting the healthies again.) Coughing>...(work urself down, Sneezing is reccomended with Diarrhea, the Oops combo/ coughing and vomiting, the projectile vomiting)>total organ failure>coma. The sides of the symtom table r focused on severity while the middle is lethality. U will never want to upgrade ur transmission to lvl 2 unless it needs to, like when almost everyone is infected except the pesky Greenland/Iceland/Morroco(some people have troubles with Morroco) It waste Dna points n my strategy MY STRATEGY 1)Infect everyone. Devolve all symtoms when it mutates. Take the drug resistance and genetic hardening 2)Wait patiently after the infect table is complete(like i listed out above) 3)After everyone is inected, devolve all transmission and cold/heat resistance(u dun need them anymore) 4)Envolve severity 5)Envolve Lethality 6)Wait patiently till everyone dies. The bio hazard level sort of changes my plan evertime i play, so its still reccomended u develop ur own strategy Hope this works :D

    Answered Apr 07`13 at 13:43

    How to beat Bio-hazard on Plague Inc? answered by jonboy888Tang Jonathan
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    In order to beat Bio-hazard on Plague inc, you need to go to its special abilities. It has three special abilities. That makes them progress less. As soon as you get all trees, don't get Armageddon in Plague inc.

    Answered Dec 21`12 at 16:28

    How to beat Bio-hazard on Plague Inc? answered by nancy8930nancy8930

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