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Best mech to buy in Hawken?

Dec 19`12 at 09:21

  • What is the best mech to buy in Hawken? I don't have enough hp to buy anything yet, so obviously I haven't bought any mechs yet. what do you think is the best Hawken mech to buy after getting the monitor-mech?

    Asked Dec 19`12 at 09:21


2 Answers

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    The Scout is definitely OP as of right now. You can spec into movement/offense and pretty much rape the competition. I use the Sharpshooter because I love sniping but I can say it is very very very hard to level. As you level any mech can become powerful however, as you unlock more weapons and abilities. (Each mech being different)

    Answered Dec 23`12 at 08:27

    Best mech to buy in Hawken? answered by WolfenDeathRandall Lee
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    If you like the C-RT's playstyle, or like a lot of mobility then the Scout is the best mech to buy in Hawken. It's Flak cannon is great for close range fights and a lot of people seem to complain about the Tow if you're good with it.

    Answered Dec 19`12 at 09:23

    Best mech to buy in Hawken? answered by Aviva0507Aviva

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