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Fear 3 Interval 5 walkthrough? Any tips?

Jul 21`11 at 10:02

  • I'm going to start Fear 3 Interval 5. Can anyone give me a walkthrough for Fear 3 Interval 5 Tower? Need your help!

    Asked Jul 21`11 at 10:02


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    You have to take out the Phase Commander (Blue with laser who teleports soldiers three at a time. Then you will hear that a mech is on the way. Grab the laser weapon. Take out any soldiers ASAP. Get the central structure between you and the mech and keep dancing and shooting. I found another way. Get behind a pillar away from the mech. He will get on the other side and keep beating on the pillar trying to thrash you. Go slo-mo, peek out and feed him a grenade. Do that a few times. You should be able to see enough of the mech to do damage. When he is swinging an arm hitting the pillar time shots with the laser while the arm is up. If that runs out use whatever. If you didn\'t do enough damage go slo-mo and sprint to run to another weapons cache. Repeat the pillar maneuver. Keep shooting and he will eventually blow. When I figured this out I was even able to pick off a soldier that was left while the mech was beating on the pillar. I could have stayed there all day.

    Answered Jul 21`11 at 10:02

    Fear 3 Interval 5 walkthrough? Any tips? answered by JeremyJeremy

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