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Ingress item bugs? How to fix?

Dec 17`12 at 06:29

  • Hi, all! Here is a ingress item bug when i'm playing this game. Can i fix ingress item bug? I always get not items from hacking portals and it would be very often in this week. XM will be reduced in expected after hacked portal and the sum of items such as XMP and resonator also will be reduced after attack or added resonator for portals. Thanks!

    Asked Dec 17`12 at 06:29


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    I have also this issue for ingress item bug, to fix ingress item bug, you can try hacking portals that belong to your faction, you will receive more items per portal on average and there will not be any XM damage taken.

    Answered Dec 17`12 at 06:31

    Ingress item bugs? How to fix? answered by sheldon0127sheldon0127

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