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Should I Join a Blog Network? why?

Jan 21`11 at 10:47

  • What's your positives about joining a blog network as a blogger, Should I Join a Blog Network? If yes, Why should I?

    Asked Jan 21`11 at 10:47


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    I think there are 4 reasons why you Should I Join a Blog Network

    4. Administration – similarly to having a lot of the technical aspects of setting up and running a blog handled – a blog network often handles a lot of the administrative tasks associated with blogging such as the management of advertisers (it can get out of control when you have to collect income from numerous sources), book keeping and even (I’ve heard in one case) the moderation of comment spam.

    5. Revenue – this is perhaps one of the more obvious reasons that some bloggers choose to join networks (although fewer than you’d think have it as a primary reason as I found today). As I’ll mention in the next post in this series a downside is that in most networks you split the revenue your blog owns with the network (there are many methods of determining this) but on the upside due to the increased traffic, SEO prominence and expertise that a network brings the overall earnings can end up being higher than if you blogged independently (a generalization but true in most cases).

    6. SEO – one of the big upsides of being in most blog networks is that on the day your blog launches you are guaranteed to be linked to from each other blog in the network. Networks do this in their own individual ways but it usually happens in a sidebar or footer. The benefits of this are twofold – firstly there is an element of cross promotion going on and some traffic will follow the links but secondly (and mainly) the benefits are that being linked to by other blogs on other domains is one of the best ways to climb the rankings in search engines – which of course leads to traffic.

    7. Prestige – of course this one will vary considerably from network to network but if you can get a gig writing for one of the top networks you could use if to your advantage in the building of your own profile.

    Answered Jan 21`11 at 10:47

    Should I Join a Blog Network? why?
 answered by FrodoFrodo

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