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Spain vs Italy in euro 2012? Who will win?

Jun 08`12 at 16:20

  • Hi all. Could you guys tell me Spain vs Italy in euro 2012? Who will win? I like the team Spain very much. I am eager to know which team is better between Spain and Italy. Tell me please.

    Asked Jun 08`12 at 16:20

    Baxter Dewall

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Spain vs Italy in euro 2012? Who will win? is a Sports question related to UEFA EURO 2012 Best Team, Spain or Italy, You can also vote to choose the best answer for Spain vs Italy in euro 2012? Who will win? to encourage other people. You're also invited to share your answers on this question "Spain vs Italy in euro 2012? Who will win?" and related topics as Sports.

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    I think Spain will win, since the Spaniards' flowing style is a joy to watch for staunch supporters and neutrals alike. Their 4-5-1 formation focuses on an artisan midfield that boasts the wizardry of Xavi , Sergio Busquets , David Silva and Andries Iniesta.

    Answered Jun 08`12 at 16:23

    Spain vs Italy in euro 2012? Who will win? answered by Ricky2012Hebe

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