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Best stats to increase Diablo 3 Bow DPS?

May 17`12 at 03:31

  • Hi all. Could you guys tell me what is the best stats to increase Diablo 3 Bow DPS? I am just wondering which stats increased the DPS in my bow in Diablo 3. My primary stat is intelligence for my Bow, it is not good for my bow. Do you know which stat will increase the damage more? Show me a hint. Thanks in advance!

    Asked May 17`12 at 03:31

    Blue Foots

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    You can have a try to use Dexterity to increase Diablo 3 Bow DPS.

    Answered May 17`12 at 03:32

    Best stats to increase Diablo 3 Bow DPS? answered by Ricky2012Hebe

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