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Beat 100 Floors Level 30? Guide?

May 08`12 at 11:04

  • Hi all. Could you guys tell me how can i beat 100 Floors Level 30? I am very interested in playing 100 Floors, and now i am stuck at the last level floor 30. Does anybody who can provide a guide or any advice for me to beat 100 Floors Level 30? Waiting for your enlighten!

    Asked May 08`12 at 11:04


7 Answers

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    Change the clock so it matches the same time on your device. See link for screenshots: http://www.freeappgg.com/floor-30.html

    Answered Jun 09`12 at 06:43

    Beat 100 Floors Level 30? Guide? answered by MustacheCatMustache Cat
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    Check this 100 Floors walkthrough: How To Beat 100 Floors

    Answered May 08`12 at 18:09

    Beat 100 Floors Level 30? Guide? answered by SupertrampAlexander Supertramp
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    You need to turn the clock to your devices current time, if it doesn't work for you, you have to make sure your phone is flat on a table or in your hand. Good luck to beat 100 Floors Level 30.

    Answered May 08`12 at 11:06

    Beat 100 Floors Level 30? Guide? answered by Ricky2012Hebe
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    Answered Oct 31`12 at 15:20

    Beat 100 Floors Level 30? Guide? answered by coach6coach6

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