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Paradise cove quest help

Mar 30`12 at 15:46

  • Hi there
    I'm playing paradise cove and I have to get a scroll translated? Any help would be grateful nothing I do works

    Asked Mar 30`12 at 15:46

    Mandy Chadwick

5 Answers

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    Thanks. Your vote has been counted.

    Like you I had tons of voyages completed and I hVe 3 ships. The quest says send A ship on a voyage to translate the scroll. I docked all my ships and sent my medium size ship on a 24 hour voyage by itself and sure enough it worked!!! The quest was complete!!

    Answered Mar 31`12 at 23:52

    Paradise cove quest help answered by FrogEnchantressCollins Amber
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    Thanks. Your vote has been counted.

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    Paradise cove quest help answered by EnkoodabaooEnkoodabaoo

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