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The Many Different Types of Fire Extinguisher

Feb 08`12 at 13:57

  • There are many different types of fire extinguishers, you need to know. Unit type not only affects the way it should be put to use to affect how well it serves. Fire extinguishers to use different ways to propel agent from the fire toward the unit. In addition, they use a variety of factors that can be used to fight different classes of fire. Facilitate the identification of types of fire extinguishers, they are colored by the type of agent, they use fire and because the form will be used to put out.
    To ensure that you are using the correct extinguisher task and ensure that you handle them correctly, you should know at least a little bit about the different types.
    Fire extinguisher Superstructure
    • You will find two main types of extinguisher, stored pressure and cartridge powered.
    • In stored-pressure devices expellant stored in the same holding cell as the extinguishing solution. Stored pressure extinguishers are the most common type of fire extinguisher.
    • A lot of work depending on the projectile as the extinguishing agent is used. Dry chemical extinguishers are generally used in nitrogen. Water and foam extinguishers are normally used by air.
    • When he comes, tape-controlled sprinkler expellant gas is stored in a separate cartridge.
    • Cartridge-controlled units are usually not as popular as stored in the form of pressure. They work in areas such as manufacturing facilities, where they should be used more often.
    • They have quick and easy recharging the main benefit. This allows the operator to use the device, charge it and then return immediately to the fire a little.
    Types of extinguishing material
    Powder for powder-based fire fighting units of the separation of various components of the fire triangle. This process prevents the chemical reaction between heat, fuel and oxygen, thus extinguishing the fire.
    Foam - Foam-based agents are used to fuel fires to generate a foamy blanket of fuel, oxygen blocking access. Unlike powder, foam allows you to extinguish fires without flashback risk.
    Water - the water pressure fire extinguishers cool burning material to transfer heat from it. Water favors are available, safe, and relatively easy to clean.
    Fire Extinguisher Transportability
    Together with the many fire extinguisher models explained earlier, these are further split up into hand held and rolling extinguishers.
    The handheld units are generally more readily available. Nevertheless, the wheeled models are most frequently located at building sites, airport runways and even docks and marinas.

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