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Rift highest dps class?

Mar 07`11 at 11:40

  • I stucked at a dps class in Rift, i want to know what is the highest DPS class in rift? Please tell me your opinion about Rift highest dps class. Thank you in adavnce!

    Asked Mar 07`11 at 11:40


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    I think Rift highest dps class will depend on the fight. Long fights vs. Short fights or Sustained vs. Burst. I found Paragon (Warrior) is highest dps class in Rift. It is a melee soul and has the least mobility and special abilities of all the souls, so you pay a price for that high damage output. Else, maybe Rift highest dps class is a pure soul.

    Answered Mar 07`11 at 11:40

    Rift highest dps class?	
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